Looking for a Job?

We are looking for charismatic professionals who would like nothing better than to get their foot in the door, help make a difference, and gain experience in the process. Here at Shirley & Banister, a conservative-leaning P.R. firm, we are dedicated to helping our clients get their word and voices out on newspapers, tv, radio, and other forms of regional and national media.

With the guidance and leadership from Craig Shirley and Diana Banister, we at SBPA have worked with, and continue working with, successful people, companies such as: The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, the Susan B Anthony List, Club for Growth, The Bradley Foundation, Right on Crime, and many more.

If you are interested in working with a Public Relations firm, right outside of Washington, DC, please contact Taylor Shirley, with an attachment of your résumé, at tshirley@sbpublicaffairs.com.