Media Relations

Shirley & Banister Public Affairs create specific media strategies to launch our clients into the public arena and position their issues around the news of the day. Our communications team knows the producers and editors to target in order to get the job done as we tailor our services to the individual client’s needs.

Our firm has experience placing our clients on top cable and network television shows, developing profile print stories on them and their campaigns, placing opinion editorials in national newspapers, booking interviews on nationally syndicated talk radio shows, positioning our clients as key resources to journalists in all mediums, and much more.

Political Management

With more than 30 years of experience in campaigns, SBPA knows politics inside and out. We have experience handling campaigns for candidates involved in every step of government at the local, state and federal levels. From establishing the campaign platform and positions on a variety of different ideas, to garnering media attention and support, SBPA is dedicated to ensuring victory on election night.

Event Planning

Whether it’s an extravagant awards ceremony, a highly anticipated campaign event, or a major rally or press conference, SBPA’s years of experience ensures that our clients’ events are successful.

By strategically planning and aggressively promoting our client’s event to targeted audiences, SBPA ensures that these events are not only well known, but also well covered by the media in order to get maximum attention for the issue at hand.


Our clients have appeared on every national public affairs show and news program. SBPA works closely with producers at the cable news channels and networks, including online news sites.  We speak to many producers on a daily basis and producers look to our firm to supply outstanding guests on a variety of topics.

These cable and network shows have come to rely on SBPA recommendations and depend on SBPA to suggest experts and offer story ideas.

Social Media

Shirley & Banister Public Affairs in uniquely qualified to provide social media marketing services to effectively spread a client’s message in the ever-changing new media field.

Our firm provides timely tactics and operates targeted social media campaigns through avenues such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other similar avenues.  Our campaigns primarily focus on spreading recognition and awareness of our client’s issues and causes to gain a wider following by opinion leaders, reporters, producers and the general public to effectively communicate the message.

Crisis Communication

When dealing with a twenty-four-hour news cycle, the best defense against bad press is being ahead of the game.  Through the relationships we have built with members of the press and national opinion leaders, our firm will counsel clients based on the national dialogue and provide professional advice to rapidly respond to the ever-changing news cycle, a crucial aspect to the maintenance of our the clients’ reputations.

A crisis to some is an opportunity for us and our clients. Our firm constantly monitors the news on our clients so as to anticipate and react quickly to negative attention. We emphasize rapid response to stop negative stories after careful consultation with our clients, ensuring they are comfortable with the response and our work on their behalf.

Government Affairs

Navigating the halls of Congress and state legislatures to push a piece of legislation can be a daunting task for the uninitiated. Through decades of experience in working with lawmakers in Washington and running successful policy campaigns nationwide, SBPA has developed professional and personal relationships with pivotal Members of Congress, their staffs, and state legislators.

It is through these key relationships that our clients gain invaluable access to voice their concerns and goals directly to the people responsible for policy change. SBPA regularly arranges meetings for our clients to meet with key leaders in both houses and state legislatures to propel important legislation forward.


Given the nature of the evolution of the national media, Washington has become a major media hub with most publications maintaining a presence in the city. SBPA has developed extensive contracts in these newsrooms with editors, editorial writers, reporters, and columnists. We have placed stories on behalf of our clients in America’s top newspapers, magazines, websites and wire news services. We have also successfully placed hundreds of opinion editorials in

publications across the country, while successfully persuading editorial writers and columnists to write favorable about our clients’ issues, positions, legislation, and ideas.


Talk radio is an important weapon in our arsenal of resources we use on behalf of our clients. It is an indispensable element in any marketing campaign aimed at moving a product or legislation or affecting the outcome of a campaign, political, or otherwise. Many talk radio listeners are politically active Americans aware of current events. They buy books on public policy; they call and write their Members of Congress; they sign online petitions and can be mobilized – given the right issues – into a potent force for change in American politics.

SBPA is recognized as one of the best firms in America when it comes to dealing with the nation’s top radio talk show hosts. We have extensive and personal contracts with today’s top radio personalities and we maintain an active database and interpersonal relationships with more than 3,400 radio talk show hosts in America.

Digital Media

Shirley & Banister Public Affairs ensures our clients have an extensive and significant online presence. This includes online publications, news sources, blogs, social media and frequent appearances in search engine results.

Never underestimate the power of the blog. The Internet is a primary news source, but the personal touch of a client-run blog where project updates are given and news is presented with a filter of relevance to the organization or campaign is crucial to collecting a following devoted to learning, supporting and sharing your cause.

Independent bloggers are able to quickly post informative updates with the unique ability to add opinion, personality and flare to attract like-minded readers and writers. SBPA knows how to engage the interest of well-informed writers in the growing blogosphere and that hook is the most valuable asset in driving media attention to the issues and work of our clients.

We also focus on the opposite side of the Internet marketing spectrum, working behind the scenes on the creative side for the sites controlled by our clients. We will contribute our professional opinions to improving client-affiliated web pages including visual graphics, design, content display methods and other materials where we guarantee the right message is conveyed, visually appealing and unique.